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New thinking and new ideas are the driving force of the company. Quality first service is the service tenet of the enterprise. Lean management creates history for the development direction of the enterprise, we pursue greater development in the new era, and we are willing to work with friends in the domestic and foreign industries to create brilliant tomorrow.


It is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of wood-plastic profiles and their finished products. We have advanced production technology and unique product design capability.





Product Display




Wooden house                  boardwalk                           pavilion


          Wood plastic chair                     trash                Wood plastic flower box

Product Description

The new wood-plastic material is a kind of environmental aesthetic material,made of plastic and cellulose(bamboo powder,grass powder,stone powder,wood powder)with a special process.Its water absorption is below 2/1000 of the corrosion resistance is over ten times of the wood. 






Product characteristics

Waterproof,moisture proof,no expansion,no deformation,no cracking,no rot. It can be used
in the damp environment,where traditional wood products cannot bu used. 

Inset pests prevention,termite resistance,corrosion resistance,anti-aging,long service life. 

No pollution,low carbon,environment friendly,energy saving and emission reduction.

The fire-retardant grade is B1.It can be effective to stop fire not producing any

harmful gas.

Good plasticity,colorful,not easy to fade,wooden touch,can fully reflect the personalized

modeling and personality.

It can be nailed,planed,sawed,drilled with simple and easy construction and installation

steps,saving time and cost.

Energy saving,recyclable,in line with the country’s sustainable development policy and 



Product application details