XXX Co.,Ltd originates it’s name from being the first to bring LED products to residential, commercial and industrial customers from all around the globe.

We were also dedicated in making the highest XXX light output available without degradation; this means and insures that when you buy a 10W LED lamp from us, you end up a years or more later with the same 10W output. This is called XXX Light Output and it is one of the most important things you should look for while buying your LEDs. The light output must remain constant throughout the whole life of the lamp; this is achieved by using top level material along with top level technology.

XXX-LED is a 10 1/2 years journey in research and development projects that aimed at creating direct replacement units for regular household, commercial and Industrial products. No need to reorganize all your fixture, just unscrew or unplug you old light source and connect ours for an instant saving to your utility bill.

Headed by a dedicated team of entrepreneur with tremendous experience in electrical breakthrough, management, sales, distribution and market integration, XXX-LED has surpassed all expectation with its product lineup its quality and efficiency.